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Precision Glock-Style Barrels and Slides

Build a better Glock-style pistol without compromising. Patmos Arms slides and barrels are engineered for high performance that takes aim at your target–not your bank account. Whether you’re replacing worn components on your EDC or building out a homemade pistol kit, you’ll find parts you can count on at the range, in the field, or when your safety is on the line. Experience the same precision at a fraction of the cost.

Forged For Purpose

When Patmos Arms was founded in 2016, Glock owners and personal firearms makers creating their weapons in their homes, workshops, or garages didn’t have a lot of options when it came to barrels and slides. You either accepted a big price tag or unreliable results from “budget” parts manufacturers. The firearms community needed Glock-compatible parts that were engineered to perform, made to high quality standards, and deliver round-after-round accuracy at the range. We stepped up. Gun owners took notice, dealers saw an opportunity to offer affordable quality, and we’ve answered with a range of precision quality firearms parts that every gun owner can be proud of.

Durable. Reliable. Precise.

Patmos Arms barrels and slides are available from independent firearms parts suppliers, gun shops, and sporting goods stores. By offering Patmos Arms to their customers, they’re showing they are passionate defenders of the second amendment who care about offering their customers quality parts to build better firearms at an affordable price. We’re always interested in talking to like-minded retailers, gunsmiths, and parts sellers about joining the family. Doing business the right way is a big job, and we’d be proud to have you join us.

Build Your Best Pistol For Less

Visit our product pages to find out more about Patmos Arms’ range of Glock-compatible barrels, slides, and parts kits. Pick your precision gun parts, contact your retailer, and get ready to build a quality firearm with Patmos Arms today.